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Bailey Bridge Solution

Bailey bridges for sale

AGICO BRIDGE has been committed to providing modular prefab Bailey bridge solutions for many years. To provide customers all over the world with a high-quality Bailey bridge for sale and complete solutions. We always pay attention to the real needs of customers, whether it is an emergency bridge, military portable bridge, permanent panel bridge for infrastructure, AGICO can respond quickly and provide cost-effective Bailey bridge solutions. We also provide design, installation, and maintenance of Bailey bridge systems for engineering construction, oil pipeline erection, natural gas, mining industries, and civil applications.

Permanent Bailey Bridge

Permanent Bailey Bridge

As a permanent bridge, the steel truss Baliey bridge is commonly used in the field of infrastructure construction. The steel Bailey bridge is strong and durable, beautiful in appearance, and superior in performance. Compared with other types of bridges, it has absolute advantages in economic benefits.

Temporary Bridge

As a temporary bridge, Bailey bridge has absolute advantages. The bridge body is assembled by prefabricated modules, which is fast and convenient for construction and disassembly, and effectively saves manpower and transportation costs.

Temporary bridge
Army bailey bridge

Army Bailey Bridge

Portable Bailey bridge is also common for military use. The Bailey bridge has excellent performance and can be configured with any span and load Bailey bridge system. Because of its lightweight, it is often used as a military portable bridge for the army to quickly build temporary bridges during missions.

Bailey Bridge For Sale

We offer types of Bailey bridges for sale. Each type of prefab Bailey bridge has its own unique design features, which can be applied to the Bailey bridge system under different scenarios. We recommend that customers choose the Bailey bridge system based on their own needs and combine the following items.

Load and span
Bridge deck width
Number of lanes
Investment budget

According to the load requirements and the actual bridge site conditions, each type of steel truss Bailey bridge can be divided into single-row single-layer and multi-row multi-layer erection structures. For professional Bailey bridge structure selection, please consult our experts. We also provide Bailey bridge budget quotation service.

Why Choose AGICO Bailey Bridge System?

AGICO BRIDGE is a high-quality steel prefabricated Bailey bridge solution provider. We also have Bailey bridge parts and Bailey bridge for sale. Our panel Bailey bridge products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the welding process and welders have passed the BV French Classification Society certification. The raw materials of Bailey truss bridge and the overall Bailey bridge system have passed the inspection of third-party certification agencies such as CCIC, SGS, CNAS, and the product quality is absolutely guaranteed.

AGICO BRIDGE has a number of independent research and development patents and a fully automated production line, with an annual output of up to 10,000 tons. The company has achieved fruitful results in the international steel truss bridge market, and its products have been exported to more than ten regions such as Asia, America, Africa, and Latin America.

What services can we provide?

We provide complete Bailey bridge project services. It mainly includes project analysis, bridge site selection, bridge design, budget report, material transportation, bridge installation, follow-up maintenance work, etc. If you choose us, you just need to tell us your demands, and we will provide you with a one-stop service.


Bailey bridge design services
Including the drawing of Bailey bridge design drawings, overall project planning, and human resource allocation, etc.


Bailey bridge installation service.
Expert on-site guidance, construction team training, installation progress guidance, etc.


Bailey bridge maintenance service.
Load inspection of newly built steel prefabricated Bailey bridge, replacement and maintenance of old compact Bailey bridge parts, etc.

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