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As a Bailey bridge supplier specializing in Bailey bridge design and production for more than 30 years, in addition to providing complete Bailey bridge system solutions, AGICO can also provide various steel Bailey bridge components. Successfully erecting a steel Bailey bridge requires hundreds of Bailey bridge parts.

Whether it is the Bailey sheet in the main truss structure of Bailey bridge, the diagonal bracing in the connection system structure, the wind-resistant tie rod, the vertical wind structure, or the beam in the bridge deck system, the bridge deck, and the bridge end members AGICO can provide you with fast delivery with guaranteed quality.

Bailey Bridge Parts
Bailey Bridge Parts

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all bailey parts

bailey bridge parts

bailey panel

Bailey Panel

Standard Bailey panel and high shear panels for various steel Bailey bridges. CB100 and CB200 Bailey bridge panels are on sale.

Baliey Bridge Chord Reinforcement

Types of Baliey bridge chord reinforcement for sale. Suitable for various prefab bridges with factory price.

Bailey Bridge Panel Pin

Bailey Bridge Panel Pin

Bailey panel pin for CB100, CB200 Bailey bridge. Quality bailey bridge panel pins with high strength.

bailey diagonal brace

Bailey Diagonal Brace

Bailey bridge diagonal brace is mainly used to support the Bailey panel and is made of channel steel.

support frame

Bailey Bridge Support Frame

Bailey bridge support frame is used for the connection between multiple rows of Bailey bridge panels.

Bailey Bridge Transom

Bailey Bridge Transom

The transom is mainly composed of H-shaped steel, reinforcement plates, and bridge deck fixtures.

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