Bailey Bridge Deck

The Bailey Bridge is a type of bridge invented by British military engineer Donald Bailey. It is a modular and portable bridge structure consisting of standardized bridge panels and components, allowing for rapid assembly and disassembly to meet urgent or wartime needs for quickly crossing rivers or other obstacles.

agico bailey bridge deck

The Bailey Bridge deck, also called the steel bridge deck, is a component of the Bailey Bridge. The Bailey Bridge steel deck typically means the structure on top of the bridge, namely the bridge steel deck. This steel bridge decking is usually made of steel and serves as the Bailey Bridge’s primary load-bearing element, supporting the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.

AGICO Bailey Bridge Deck

The Bailey bridge decks are typically composed of shaped steel, U-shaped steel, and panels, with a material quality of Q345 steel. Depending on the matched Bailey bridge model, the weight ranges between 362kg to 437kg. The steel bridge deck needs to be fixed in conjunction with bridge deck bolts and threaded plates. Threaded plates, replacing nuts, are used in conjunction with bridge deck bolts and gap plate bolts.

bailey bridge deck
bailey bridge deck

Specifications of AGICO steel bridge deck

3213274 pieces/section2992×925×136
CB1003624 pieces/section2992×1050×136
CB200362/373/396/437Standard: 3 pieces/section
Extra wide: 4 pieces/section
Double row: 7 pieces/section

Bridge deck bolts

bridge deck bolts

Bridge deck bolts (hexagon socket, cylindrical head) are used for fixing bridge decks and are used in conjunction with threaded plates.

Bolt model: M20 × 75mm

bailey bridge threaded plate

The threaded plate is used in place of nuts and in combination with bridge deck bolts to secure the bridge steel deck.

Choose High-Quality Steel Bridge Deck

The quality of the Bailey Bridge Steel Deck is crucial for the overall performance and safety of the Bailey Bridge. Here are some aspects regarding the importance of quality and its impact on the bridge:

  • Load-Bearing Capacity: The bridge steel deck is a critical component responsible for bearing the load of vehicles and pedestrians. High-quality deck ensures that the bridge has sufficient load-bearing capacity, preventing instability or structural damage.
  • Structural Stability: The overall stability of the Bailey Bridge relies on the structural integrity of its components. A high-quality bridge steel deck ensures that the bridge maintains stability during use, preventing structural issues due to component damage or failure.
  • Durability: The quality of the steel bridge deck directly affects the durability of the bridge. High-quality steel and manufacturing processes enhance the deck’s resistance to corrosion and fatigue, extending the bridge’s lifespan.
  • Accurate Installation: The Bailey Bridge is assembled using standardized components, making accurate steel bridge deck installation crucial. Poor-quality deck may lead to inaccurate assembly, affecting the stability and safety of the entire bridge.
  • Adaptation to Environmental Conditions: High-quality steel bridge decking often better adapt to different environmental conditions, including climate variations and terrain differences. This helps ensure the effective operation of the bridge in various situations.

In summary, the high quality of the Bailey Bridge Steel Deck ensures the performance, stability, and safety of the bridge. Quality control should be emphasized throughout the design, manufacturing, and installation processes to ensure the reliable functioning of the bridge in diverse applications.

Why Choose AGICO Steel Bridge Decking

As a specialized enterprise engaged in the design, manufacturing, and installation of steel truss bridges, AGICO GROUP has extensive experience in providing Bailey Bridges to over 30 countries and regions worldwide. Our products undergo certification to ISO9001, ensuring quality assurance. In addition to installation services, we offer regular maintenance services to ensure the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians on your Bailey truss bridge. AGICO boasts multiple robotic fully automatic welding production lines with an annual production capacity of up to 10,000 tons, ensuring swift delivery for your large orders.

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