Bailey Bridge Sway Brace

The Bailey Bridge Sway Brace is a part of the Bailey Bridge structure designed to enhance stability under wind loads. Its primary purpose is to resist lateral forces, particularly wind, preventing lateral sway or tilt of the bridge during adverse weather conditions.

bailey bridge sway brace
bailey bridge sway brace

Key features and functions include:

Enhanced Stability: The design of the Bailey Bridge Sway Brace aims to boost the overall stability of the Bailey Bridge. By resisting lateral loads, especially wind forces, it minimizes the bridge’s sway and tilt, ensuring a smooth operation during use.

Resistance to Wind Loads: Wind loads exert lateral pressure on bridge structures. The presence of the Sway Brace helps counteract this pressure, ensuring that the bridge remains safe and stable even in high winds.

Applicability to Various Geographical Conditions: The Bailey Bridge Sway Brace is suitable for diverse geographical conditions, including plains, mountains, and other complex terrains. This adaptability enables the Bailey Bridge to effectively handle lateral loads such as wind in different environments.

Structural Consistency: As part of the standard design of the Bailey Bridge, the Sway Brace ensures structural consistency. This standardized design helps simplify the manufacturing and installation processes, improving overall project efficiency.

In summary, the Bailey Bridge Sway Brace is a crucial component of the Bailey Bridge structure, contributing to the bridge’s stability under lateral loads like wind and enhancing its reliability in various environmental and operational conditions.

Specifications of AGICO Steel Bridge Sway Brace

sway brace for steel bridge

The Bailey Bridge Sway Brace is commonly used for horizontal connections between the Bailey Bridge transom to enhance the wind resistance of the beams. It is typically fabricated from materials such as channel steel. The material used is Q345 steel, and depending on the matched Bailey Bridge model, the weight ranges from 33.37 to 47 kg. It is installed between the beams of the Bailey Bridge, secured in place with sway brace bolts and nuts.

ZB200Single: 45
Double: 42
Single: 2
Double: 4
CB200Single STD: 36.84
Single EW: 40.26
Single DL: 40.2
Single: 2
Double: 4

Sway Brace Bolts and Nuts

sway brace bolts and nuts

The sway brace bolts and nuts are utilized for the connection between the wind-resistant sway brace and the beams.

Bolt Type: M24×90mm

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