Bailey Bridge Transom

The Bailey Bridge transom is an important structural part of the Bailey Bridge. The transom is mainly composed of H-shaped steel, reinforcement plates, and bridge deck fixtures.

Bailey Bridge Transom

There are four sets of clips on the transom of the Bailey Bridge to limit the position of the bridge deck or longitudinal beam. There are short columns welded at both ends of the transom for connecting diagonal braces, and there are three concave holes on the ground at both ends. When installing the transom of the Bailey Bridge, insert the eyelets into the pegs on the backing plate of the transom of the lower chord of the Bailey panel, so that the transom is in place on the Bailey panel. The spacing of the concave holes is the same as the spacing of the Bailey bridge panels. After the beams are in place, the spacing of the Bailey bridge panels is relatively fixed.

Bailey Bridge Transom Specifications


The Bailey bridge transom weight and other Bailey Bridge transom specifications are as follows.

ModelTypeTransom weight (Kg)Quantity/panelLong (m)
321Single lane transom37925.85
CB100Single lane transom39615.992
ZB200Single lane transom41716.2
ZB200Two-lane transom85819.56
CB200Single lane transom408/471/54916.2
CB2003.15 lane transom341/394/46015.24
CB200Two-lane transom1002/1575.919.55

Bailey Bridge Transom Clamp

Bailey Bridge Transom Clamp
Bailey Bridge Transom Clamp

The Bailey Bridge transom clamp is a tool used to fix the transom. It mainly fixes the transom during the installation process to ensure that it will not shift. The Bailey Bridge transom clamp consists of three parts, which are tie rods, suspension beams, and support rods.

When installing the Bailey Bridge transom, use Bailey Bridge transom clamps for fixing. Now insert the protruding end of the transom clamp rod end into the gap of the transom backing plate, and hook a section of the suspension beam on the rectangular hole of the vertical bar of the Bailey panel. Then turn the support rod with a wrench to compress the transom clamp fixture, thereby fixing the transom.

Bailey Bridge Transom Bolts and Nuts

Bailey Bridge Transom Bolts and Nuts

Transom bolts and nuts are mainly used for the connection between the Bailey bridge transom and the truss.

Bolt Model: M24×140mm

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