Bailey Diagonal Brace

Diagonal brace is a structural member used for erecting Bailey bridge launch nose. Bailey bridge diagonal brace is mainly used to support the Bailey panel and is made of channel steel.

Bailey Bridge Parts for Sale
Bailey Bridge Parts for Sale

Bailey bridge braces are mainly used for the launch nose part of the Bailey bridge. Bailey diagonal braces belong to the connecting system components of Bailey bridge. Other components of the Bailey bridge connection system include connecting plates, support frames, and sway braces. The main function of installing diagonal braces is to increase the lateral stability of the bridge.

There is a hollow conical sleeve at both ends of the diagonal brace of the Bailey bridge, one end is connected with the support frame hole on the vertical bar at the Bailey panel end, and the other end is connected with the short column of the beam.

Diagonal brace installation position

Types and Specifications of Bailey Bridge Diagonal Brace

bailey diagonal brace
  • Size: 1920mm×100mm×48mm
  • Material: Q345

Diagonal Brace Nuts and Diagonal Brace Bolts

Fastener nuts and bolts are required to connect the diagonal braces to the beams of the Bailey panel. The fasteners used with the Bailey diagonal braces are called diagonal brace nuts and diagonal brace bolts.

Diagonal Brace Nuts and Diagonal Brace Bolts

Bolt model: M24×70mm

Prestressed Steel Structure(PSS) of the Bailey Bridge

The construction of the Bailey Bridge uses a prestressed steel structure. The prestressed steel structure(PSS) is the intentional introduction of artificial stress into the load-bearing system of the steel structure by the designer of the Bailey Bridge to offset the load stress, adjust the peak value of the internal force, enhance the rigidity and stability of the structure, improve other properties of the structure, and use prestressed technology to innovate the system.

Advantages of prestressed steel structures

  • Make full use of the amplitude of the elastic strength of the steel, thereby improving its structural bearing capacity.
  • It improves the structural stress state of the bridge and saves more steel. From the actual construction data, the prestressed structure can save about 30% of steel.
  • Improve the structural rigidity and stability of the Bailey Bridge, and improve various properties of the structure.

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