how to build a bailey bridge

How To Build A Bailey Bridge

As mentioned in the definition of Bailey bridge, the Bailey bridge is a modular prefabricated steel bridge, which has the greatest advantage of being easy to build. In order to ensure the safety performance of the bridge, even if the difficulty of Bailey bridge installation is low, we also need professional Bailey bridge suppliers to provide a professional construction plan. The construction plan will specifically enumerate the Bailey bridge parts list required for construction, necessary tools required for the project, construction process, etc. Next, how to build a Bailey bridge will be described in detail.

22m CB100 Bailey Bridge
22m CB100 Bailey Bridge

Preparations for the Construction of Bailey Bridge

The Bailey bridge enterprise designs the temporary Bailey bridge solution to be built this time according to the preliminary measurement data and the surrounding environment. The Bailey bridge needs to be built at the exit of a diversion tunnel, and there is enough space on the bank to install the Bailey frame. Because one side of the riverbank is shallow, and there is a height difference with the other side of the riverbank, it is necessary to build a concrete pier on one side. The Bailey bridge length is 22 meters. It uses a compact 100 Bailey bridge with a double-row single-layer reinforced single-lane structure design. The net width of the bridge deck is 3 meters, the load is 20 tons, and the theoretical weight of the steel bridge is about 22.5 tons.

Bailey Bridge Construction Process

The main steps of Bailey bridge construction include measuring and positioning the position of the bridge, pier pouring, assembly of Bailey bridge, installation of Bailey bridge, landing and correcting the position of the main body of the bridge on the other bank, laying of the bridge deck and laying of connecting roads on both sides of the bridge deck, etc.

1. Determination of the Bailey bridge location

According to the requirements of the Bailey bridge design drawings, the site was measured to determine the positions of the piers on both sides of the Bailey Bridge. At this time, a 2m3 hydraulic backhoe is needed to clean the roadbed. The excavation size for bridge pier construction is 5m×3m.

CB100 Bailey bridge design drawing
CB100 Bailey bridge design drawing

2. How to pour the piers of Bailey bridge

At the position of processed bridge piers, a 1.5m×1m M7.5 mortar masonry foundation was first made, and then C30 concrete was used for pouring. When the concrete reaches 80% of the design strength, the Bailey bridge can be erected.

3. Start to assemble the Bailey bridge

Deliver various parts from the Bailey bridge parts list to the construction site. After the pier pouring is completed, the assembly of the components of the Bailey bridge can be started.

No.Part NameQty.
1Standard Bailey panel28
2Reinforcement chord56
3Chord bolt112
4Chord pin96
6Beam clamp60
7Diagonal brace16
8Support frame16
9Support bolt96
10Sway brace14
11Bridge deck21
12U bolt48
Bailey bridge parts list

The longitudinal beams and cross beams of the Bailey bridge are composed of 7 standard double-row reinforced Bailey panels, assembled in a single layer, as the main load-bearing members of the bridge body. The main Bailey beams of each group are assembled by 2 rows of standard truss pieces, arranged with a spacing of 0.75m, and are staggered with 0.75m×1.5m support frames. The main Bailey frame beams of each group are connected by a standard support frame between the spans. The main Bailey beam is also connected by a standard support frame in the vertical direction between the spans. A support frame is used for horizontal connection between groups.

4. How to install Bailey bridge?

When the bridge construction site has a suitable site for assembling Bailey pieces, or there is no other special bad terrain, the cantilever push-out method can be used for the installation of the Bailey bridge. When installing the Bailey bridge in a narrow site or a special terrain, you can consider using the wire rope sling method to install it or design an appropriate installation method according to the actual situation.

The installation of the Bailey bridge this time adopts the cantilever push-out method. Firstly, rollers are installed on both banks of the river, and the bridge trusses and connecting beams are installed on the rollers pushed out of the bank. Then use the loader located on the other side of the river for towing. Each time a group of Bailey panels is installed, it advances a certain distance. Until the entire bridge body is pushed to the opposite bank.

Installation of Bailey bridge
Installation of Bailey bridge

After the bridge body reaches the opposite bank, hydraulic jacks are used to place the Bailey structure at the bridgehead into the bridge seat. After the angle adjustment of the measuring instrument, it finally falls into a precise position.

5. Laying of bridge deck

The deck structure of Bailey Bridge is laid with standard parts of cross beams and longitudinal beams. Wooden or steel bridge decks can be selected. The bridge decks used in this project are made of special steel panels.

6. Construction of roads at both ends of the bridge

Backfill the road connecting section of the original construction road and the bridge with gravel. After the backfill is completed, a hydraulic backhoe is used to roll the road surface.

At this point, a 22-meter-long CB100 Bailey bridge has been built. Of course, according to different construction environments and uses, the construction plan of the Bailey bridge will also make certain adjustments. If you have a need to build a Bailey bridge, welcome to talk to our experts about the bridge construction plan.

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