Columbia 60m Single-Span CB300 Prefabricated Bailey Bridge

60m CB300 Bailey Bridge Construction in Columbia
60m CB300 Bailey Bridge Construction in Columbia

This project is a Bailey bridge solution designed by the Bailey bridge company AGICO for Colombian customers. The Bailey bridge construction site is a mountainous area, with a single-span design with no bridge piers in the middle. The length of the Bailey Bridge is 60.96 meters, the two-lane road is 7.35 meters wide, and a 1.5m sidewalk is reserved on one side.

Demand from Customers

The customer from Colombia needed five Bailey bridges with the same configuration. In order to facilitate the Bailey bridge construction, two sets of guide beams and one set of erection tools were purchased at the same time. The Bailey bridge length is 60.96 meters, it needs to be equipped with two lanes, the load meets HL-93, and the single span. Its design specifications need to meet AASHTO LRFD 2014, and the steel bridge shall be equipped with sidewalks.

Design and Structure of 60m Single Span Prefabricated Bailey Bridge

Through the early communication with customers, we learned that the Bailey bridge construction is located in a tropical area, with occasional hurricanes. It is an area with fewer earthquakes. It is a steel bridge used on the river.

Design drawings of CB300 steel bridge
Design drawings of CB300 steel bridge

According to the customer’s Bailey bridge construction environment and actual needs, the Bailey bridge solution we designed for the customer adopts the CB300 prefabricated Bailey bridge structure, and the main truss is a triple row double-layer reinforced structure (TDR3). Because the customer needs a single-span Bailey bridge design without piers, we recommend the CB300 steel bridge, which supports a longer span and can better meet customer needs.

60m single span CB300 Bailey bridge structure

The bridge is mainly composed of the main truss, connecting system, bridge deck system, and bridge end structure. The main truss is a triple row double-layer reinforced structure, the truss unit is a factory welded unit, and the construction site is assembled with truss pins and bolts. The inter-node distance of a single-piece truss is 3000mm (that is, the distance between two adjacent pinholes). The connection system is composed of horizontal cross brace, vertical cross brace, horizontal diagonal brace, vertical diagonal brace, wind resistance rod, vertical wind structure, and other components and corresponding connecting bolts.

Main materials

  • The upper and lower chords of the main truss are made of double-split channel steel, and the material used is Q460C;
  • The materials of connecting system components and bridge end components are Q355B;
  • In the bridge deck system, the beam is made of hot-rolled H-section steel, the bridge deck is made of orthotropic plate structure, the panel material is Q235, and the other main materials are Q355B.

The CB300 prefabricated Bailey bridge project is made of structural steel, of which Q460C, Q355B, Q235 and other models are all low-alloy high-strength structural steels made in China, and the implementation standard is GB/T1591-2018.

Bailey bridge transportation and erection

All steel components of the CB300 Bailey Bridge are galvanized, and the truss pins and connecting bolts are electroplated. In terms of transportation, steel components such as trusses and beams are transported naked, while fasteners such as connecting bolts and truss pins are transported in a box.

As an experienced Bailey bridge company, we fully considered the customer’s on-site environment and adopted the cantilever push method for erection during the Bailey bridge construction.

Columbia’s 60m single-span CB300 prefabricated Bailey bridge has been put into use, and the steel bridge’s various traffic conditions have received good feedback. Welcome customers with Bailey bridge need to contact us, and our experts will be at your service at any time.

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