Malaysia CB100 Bailey bridge

30m CB100 Bailey Bridge for Temporary Passage of Mountain Roads in Malaysia

Malaysia CB100 Bailey bridge
Malaysia 30m CB100 Bailey bridge

Project Details

The project is a CB100 temporary Bailey bridge designed by AGICO for Malaysian users. The total length of the bridge is 30.48 meters, the width of single lane is 3.15 meters, and the steel deck is used. The CB100 Bailey bridge adopts the TSR2 structure, which is a triple row single layer reinforced structure to meet the basic needs of customers for bridge traffic and load.

Customer’s Demand for Bailey Bridge Specifications

  • Load capacity: HS-25
  • Bridge length: 30.48m
  • Loading usage times: 100,000 cycles of HS 25 vehicle

According to customer needs, combined with local environment and topography, we recommend customers use the CB100 modular Bailey bridge. We have designed the Bailey bridge solution of the whole project for our customers and provided the Bailey bridge design drawings for our customers. The customer recognized our Bailey bridge design drawings, and finally passed the CB100 compact panel Bailey bridge design proposal.

30m CB100 Bailey Bridge Specifications and Structure Introduction

CB100 Bailey bridge solution
CB100 Bailey bridge solution

The main structure of the 30m single-span CB100 Bailey bridge designed includes the main truss, connection system, bridge deck, and bridge end components.

Main truss

The main truss adopts an assembled truss structure and is made of double-split channel steel 10#, the material is Q355B. Its mechanical properties and chemical composition are in compliance with the GB/T 1591-2018 standard. Each standardized module Bailey panel is welded in advance by the factory, and the Bailey panel only needs to be connected with truss pins on site. The size of the single-piece Bailey panel is 3048mm long and 1448mm high.

Connection system

The connection system mainly includes a horizontal support frame, vertical support frame, sway braces, vertical braces, and corresponding connecting bolts. The material of the connector is Q355B, the mechanical properties and chemical composition meet the GB/T 1591-2018 standard.

Bridge deck

The bridge deck is composed of beams, bridge deck units, and curbs on both sides of the bridge deck. The beam and the main truss, the bridge deck, and the beam are all connected by bolts. The beam is made of hot-rolled H-section steel. The deck surface plate using patterned steel sheet δ6, the longitudinal bars adopt U-shaped grooves, the component material is Q355B, and the mechanical properties and chemical composition comply with GB/T 1591-2018.

Bridge end components

Both ends of each coupling are provided with a bridge end structure. The bridge end components are composed of female and male end columns, end column connecting beams, bridge supports, and support plates.

CB100 Bailey Bridge Design Drawings

Design drawing of 30.48m CB100 bridge
Design drawing of 30.48m CB100 bridge

Materials of CB100 Bailey Bridge

1. Structural steel

Low-alloy high-strength structural steel Q355B made in China, the standard is GB/T1591-2018. Its mechanical properties and chemical composition are as follows:

Material GradeTensile Strength (Mpa)Upper yield strength (Mpa)Elongation (δ5)

2. Panel pin

High-quality alloy structural steel 30CrMnTi made in China, the standard is GB3077-1999. Its mechanical properties and chemical composition are as follows:

Material GradeTensile Strength (Mpa)Yield Strength (Mpa)Elongation (δ5)Impact Value J/cm2

3. Fastening connection

Bolt: class 8.8, performance meets the relevant requirements of GB 3098.1-2000;

Nut: class 8, performance meets relevant requirements of GB 3098.2-2015.

Type of SteelTensile Strength σb N/mm2Yield Strength σ0.2 N/mm2Elongation (δ5)Impact Value AKu J min
Carbon Steel8006401230
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