Pakistan Modular Steel Bridge for Permanent Use

Pakistan Modular Steel Bridge for Permanent Use
Pakistan Modular Steel Bridge for Permanent Use

Project Overview

This modular steel bridge was built over a city river in Pakistan for the permanent passage for residents on both sides of the strait. According to the customer’s needs, we designed a modular steel bridge with a span of 60 meters. The solution adopts the CB300 prefabricated Bailey bridge, and the monolithic module is a triangular structure high-shear truss, which is welded by channel steel and steel plate. With reasonable design and strong bearing capacity, it is a high-quality choice for semi-permanent and permanent bridge projects.

Pakistan modular steel bridge design drawing
Pakistan modular steel bridge design drawing

Basic Parameters of Modular Steel Bridge

Lane width:4.2 meters
Design load:50 tons of vehicle
Passable times:≥300,000 times
Speed limit requirements:vehicles of 30 tons and above ≤10km/h;
vehicles of less than 10 tons ≤30km/h
Use environment temperature requirement:≥10℃

CB300 Modular Bridge for Sale

The CB300 modular steel bridge is a modular bridge upgrade product developed by AGICO on the basis of the compact CB100 and CB200 Bailey bridges. This series of modular steel bridges uses Chinese standard low-alloy high-strength structural steel Q355B, and its mechanical properties and chemical composition comply with GB/T 1591-2018. This product has been promoted in China and around the world and received unanimous praise from customers. Compared with American standard steel products, the CB300 modular steel bridge has better industrialization advantages, including more stable sources of supply, lower material origin prices, and shorter procurement cycles.

In order to meet different conditions of road and container transportation, the CB300 modular steel bridge can be assembled into 12 different structural forms according to different loads and spans. Each structure can support single-lane and double-lane, and sidewalks of different widths are optional.

12 different structural forms of  CB300 modular steel bridge
12 different structural forms of CB300 modular steel bridge
Single layer structure    
Single rowSSSingle row single layerSSRSingle row single layer reinforced
Double rowDSDouble row single layerDSR1Double row single layer reinforced 1
 DSR2Double row single layer reinforced 2  
Triple rowTSR2Triple row single layer reinforcedTSR3Triple row single layer reinforced 3
Double layer structure    
Double rowDDDouble row double layerDDR1Double row double layer reinforced 1
 DDR2Double row double layer reinforced 2  
Triple rowTDR2Triple row double layer reinforced 2TDR3Triple row double layer reinforced 3

The modular steel bridge of this project adopts a double-row double-layer reinforced (DDR)structure, which can meet the load requirements of customers. The CB300 steel bridge of this structure is composed of two layers of modular Bailey structure, each layer of Bailey sheet is a two-layer structure, and the combined modules are reinforced by reinforced chords. The standard truss of the CB300 Bailey bridge weighs approximately 227kg per piece. Depending on the design life of the steel bridge, the modular bridge deck is available in steel and concrete. Steel modular bridge decks are generally used in semi-permanent bridges, and concrete modular bridge decks are used in permanent bridge projects. This project adopts a concrete bridge deck design.

As a professional modular steel bridges manufacturer, we are committed to designing the most convenient modular steel bridges for customers all over the world, so that they can solve bridge erection problems more quickly, high-quality and convenient. We can provide the fastest delivery service because our modular steel bridges are all in stock, and the normalized modules have the advantage of multi-purpose.  Whether it is a temporary bridge for emergency rescue and disaster relief, or an urban bridge for daily traffic, AGICO can intimately find the best solution for you. Welcome to send an inquiry, let us discuss your project together.

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