117m Panama CB450 Permanent Steel Bridge Project

117m Panama CB450 Permanent Steel Bridge Project
117m Panama CB450 Permanent Steel Bridge Project

The project is a 117m CB450 (Deta Bridge) permanent bridge solution developed by AGICO for Panamanian users. The solution includes CB450 Bailey bridge design drawings, basic parameters of the bridge, bridge components, Bailey bridge costs and installation instructions-how to build a Bailey bridge, etc.

Project Description

The bridge is a 117-meter CB450 continuous beam bridge, with a span layout of (76.5+40.5) meters, a carriageway width of 4.2m, a sidewalk of 1 meter on both sides, steel bridge decks, and a traffic load of 55 tons for a single-vehicle.

Standard/Specification Reference

  • Highway Steel Structure Bridge Design Standard JTG D64-2015
  • General Specification on Design of Highway Bridges and Culverts JTG D60-2015

Customer Requirements and AGICO Bailey Bridge Design

CB450 Permanent Steel Bridge Design Drawing
CB450 Permanent Steel Bridge Design Drawing

The client needed a new permanent steel bridge to replace the old bridge that had been in disrepair. The Bailey Bridge length needs to reach 115.82 meters and width needs to reach 3.65 meters. Each side of the bridge needed one-meter sidewalks. The bridge load needs to meet the HL-93 standard, and it is expected that the traffic load can pass 25 trucks weighing 55 tons a day.

Combining the customer’s needs and the local topographical factors in Panama, we specified a set of CB450 steel bridge solutions for the customer. The reason why CB450 is chosen as the bridge type of this project is mainly that CB450 can overcome a larger span than temporary Bailey bridges such as CB100 and CB200. CB450, commonly known as Deta Bridge, is a steel bridge composed of structural modules similar to the letter K. Its single-hole span can support 36m, 45m, 54m, 63m, 72m, and 81m. Since the bridge span requirement is 115.82 meters, we designed a solution of 76.5m+40.5m for the customer, with bridge support in the middle.

Overview of 117m CB450 Permanent Bridge Structure

The bridge structure is a CB450 prefabricated highway steel bridge, and the bridge carriageway is 4.2 meters wide.

  1. Main truss: The main truss adopts a K-shaped truss, the axis spacing of the main truss is 5.366 meters, the internode length is 2.25 meters, the beam spacing is 4.5 meters, and the chord length is 9 meters or 6.75 meters. All the members of the main truss are made in the factory, and the construction site is connected with high-strength bolts or pins. The upper and lower chords have a flat H-shaped section, and the webs are all rectangular tubes.
  2. Deck: The longitudinal spacing of the beams is 4.5 meters. The beam and the main truss are connected by wedge blocks and ordinary bolts. A wind resistance rod and a vertical wind structure are arranged between the beams.
  3. Bridge bearing: the bridge bearing adopts basin-type rubber bearing.
117m CB450 steel bridge solution for Panama customer
117m CB450 steel bridge solution for Panama customer

How to Build a Bailey Bridge

Since the bridge in this project is a multi-span design, the bridge support needs to be constructed first. The support needs to be built at a distance of 40.5 meters from the shore on one side. The water flow here is relatively slow, and there is a shallow topography, which is conducive to the construction of the bridge support. The bridge support adopts basin-type rubber support. The entire bridge is erected by the cantilever push method, and the bridge assembly site is required to be no less than 50m×10m. The CB200 Bailey bridge is used as the guide beam.

This modular steel bridge with a total length of 117 meters has been put into use in Panama. Its stability and wind resistance have been tested and its appearance is beautiful. Customers who need Bailey bridge construction are welcome to contact us. The Bailey bridge manufactured by AGICO has a large span, strong bearing capacity, and long service life. While designing a suitable Bailey bridge solution for you, bailey bridge cost is also reasonable.

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