Bailey Suspension Bridge

Bailey Suspension Bridge
Bailey Suspension Bridge

Bailey suspension bridge is a kind of steel suspension bridge. It is a steel bridge structure that suspends the bridge span with suspension cables and hangs under the suspension cables anchored on both banks of rivers, valleys, and bays.

Why Choose Bailey Suspension Bridge?

Compared with other kinds of steel Bailey bridges, the Bailey suspension bridge has its unique advantages.

Simple structure and clear force

The Bailey suspension bridge is actually a bridge spanning between two high grounds, without an overly complicated structure. Since the main stress point of the Bailey suspension bridge is transferred to the main pier through the evenly distributed suspension cables, the stress of the bridge is more uniform and stable, and the middle span is also larger.

High material utilization rate, the larger the span, the lower the cost

The Bailey suspension bridge has the characteristics of saving materials and being lightweight. The suspension cables of the main load-bearing components are generally made of steel with high tensile strength. Therefore, we can make full use of the strength of materials and use lower Bailey suspension bridge cost under a larger span. Suspension bridges have also become the steel bridge with the largest spanning capacity among the bridges of various systems, and the general span can reach more than 1,000 meters.

Flexible construction, fast construction progress

Bailey suspension bridge construction is flexible and fast
Bailey suspension bridge construction is flexible and fast
Bailey suspension bridge construction is windproof and seismic
Bailey suspension bridge construction is windproof and seismic

The body and tower of the Bailey suspension bridge are built with a Bailey frame structure. According to different spans and loads, CB200, CB300, and CB450 Bailey steel bridges can be selected for construction. Due to the convenient transportation of various types of Bailey bridge components, under normal construction conditions, 20-24m can be erected every day, and the fastest one-day construction volume can reach 30m. Therefore, Bailey suspension bridges can be quickly built-in various mountainous areas, valleys, rivers, and other banks. Because the Bailey suspension bridge has the advantages of flexible and fast construction, it is often used as a temporary construction bridge.

Windproof and earthquake resistant, high safety factor

Due to the high standards for materials and construction, the Bailey suspension bridge has good stability and excellent wind and earthquake resistance. Suspension bridges are often built on cliffs, so the safety performance is absolutely guaranteed. Because of this advantage, suspension bridges are also common in earthquake-prone areas. Its superior anti-destructive ability also enables it to have a better performance during the war.

Main Structure of Bailey Suspension Bridge

Bailey suspension bridge is a special form of a suspension bridge. Its scope of application is mainly long-span highway bridges. It is a commonly used bridge structure for long-span Bailey bridges. Bailey suspension bridge is usually composed of the main cable, stiffening beam, cable tower, saddle, anchorage, sling, and other components. Next is the introduction of the suspension bridge parts.

Main Structure of Bailey Suspension Bridge
Main Structure of Bailey Suspension Bridge
  • Main cable

The main cable is the main load-bearing component in the suspension bridge. The steel wire rope and the parallel wire steel cable together form the main cable part. The main cable of the suspension bridge is mostly high-strength galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 5mm, and the shape of the main cable is similar to a secondary parabola.

  • Stiffening beam

The main function of the stiffening beam is to provide support for the bridge deck while preventing excessive deflection and distortion of the bridge deck. The stiffening beam is the main component that bears wind loads and other lateral horizontal forces. The stiffening beams of long-span suspension bridges are all steel structures, generally in the form of truss beams and box beams.

  • Cable tower

The cable tower is an important component supporting the main cable. The live load and dead load of the suspension bridge and the reaction force of the stiffening beam on the tower will be transmitted to the tower pier and base of the lower part through the cable tower. The cable tower is generally made of steel structure or prestressed concrete structure.

  • Saddle

The saddle is an important component supporting the main cable. Through it, the tension in the main cable can be evenly transmitted to the support of tower top anchorage in the form of vertical force and unbalanced horizontal force. The saddle can be divided into tower top saddle, which is set at the top of the cable tower to transfer the main cable load to the tower; The anchor saddle (also known as expansion saddle) is set at the support of the anchor, which is mainly used to change the direction of the main cable.

  • Slings

Slings are also called booms. It is a component that transmits the live load and the dead load of the stiffening beam to the main cable. The slings are arranged in vertical and inclined forms.

  • Anchorage

The anchorage is the anchor of the main cable. The anchorage transmits the tension of the main cable to the foundation.

Quality Bailey Suspension Bridge Supplier AGICO

Design spanSingle span 60~300m
Design loadHS20-44, HA, HB, Highway grade I
Deck materialSteel bridge deck
LaneSingle lane width: 3.7~4.2m
Standard erection schedule20~40m/day
Maximum erection time30m/day
Main technical parameters of AGICO bailey suspension bridge

AGICO is an enterprise specializing in the design and production of steel Bailey bridges. Our suspension bridge products have been exported to Latin America, Asia, Africa, and other continents, bringing convenient bridges for people in more than 30 countries. We have advanced fully automatic robot assembly production lines, and our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. AGICO is a reliable manufacturer of Bailey suspension bridges. Welcome to send inquiries and discuss cooperation with us.

Application Scenarios of Bailey Suspension Bridges

1. Long span

The Bailey suspension bridge has a strong spanning ability and is especially suitable for erecting in places with large widths. The Bailey suspension bridge produced by AGICO has a design span that can support a single span of 60~300m, and a total span of 1,000 meters or more.

2. On bays, canyons, cliffs and deep, fast-moving rivers

Suspension bridge is suitable for long span construction
Suspension bridge is suitable for long span construction
Suspension bridge is built over river
Suspension bridge is built over the river

Suspension bridges are often used to cross rivers, valleys, bays, as well as valleys, cliffs, and other mountainous areas with complex terrain. It is often used as a permanent or semi-permanent steel bridge, and can also be used as a temporary multi-purpose steel bridge. The design height of the suspension bridge can be increased as required to allow surface ships to pass under the bridge. The construction of the Bailey suspension bridge does not require the construction of temporary piers. Therefore, it is more suitable for use in waters with the rapid flow and deep water.

3. Under limited budget

Compared with steel truss bridges of the same span, choosing the Bailey suspension bridge has lower costs and the best economic benefits. From the material and structure of the suspension bridge, the larger the span, the lower the cost per unit span. Its transportation cost and bridge construction method is the fastest and saves money.

4. When the construction period of the bridge is short

Since the main body of the bridge uses the Bailey frame structure, the Bailey suspension bridge can be completed in a relatively short time. On average, 20~24 meters of construction can be completed in one day, with the fastest speed of 30 m/day. It can be used for rescue and disaster relief or military purposes.

5. Places with frequent geological disasters

The suspension bridge has strong seismic resistance and is suitable for areas prone to earthquake disasters. Based on better stable performance, it can withstand strong wind speeds. The strong anti-destructive ability of the Bailey suspension bridge is also very suitable for use during the war.

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