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Before steel was used in bridge construction, the common bridge types mainly include beam bridge and arch bridge. Historically, beam bridges and arch bridges were built of stone and wood. These two materials have good compressive properties but poor tensile properties. Due to the short slab of the material, the bridge span cannot be increased, and the bridge structure is also severely restricted. With the invention of steel, bridge builders can add components with strong tensile strength, making bridge types more complex. Truss bridge with better-stressed structures and better practical performance has emerged as the times require.

The truss bridge is made of high-strength steel with superior performance, so it is also called the steel truss bridge. The main structure of a truss bridge is a steel truss, which is located above or below the deck according to the load-bearing method of the bridge (upper bearing or underhanging type). The truss design distributes the load to the entire frame, which can share the load on the bridge deck. On a steel truss bridge, the size and type of force that the rod frames in different positions bear are also different, some are under pressure, and some are under tension.

Steel Truss Bridge Solution
Bailey Truss Bridge

Bailey Truss Bridge

Truss bridges can efficiently use materials, so the economic benefits of construction are very considerable. Bailey truss bridge is a commonly used steel truss bridge. It does not require a complicated design, and the bridge body is composed of modular Bailey panels. Bailey truss bridge inherits the advantages of a steel truss bridge, it has the characteristics of flexible assembly and disassembly, short construction period, and suitable for various environments and climates.

How to Install Bailey Truss Bridge

The AGICO steel Bailey bridge solution will provide Bailey bridge installation services for customers in need. We will send experts to conduct on-site guidance or online team training to help customers build Bailey truss bridges better and faster.

The installation of the Bailey truss bridge generally adopts the cantilever propulsion method.

  • First, rollers are placed on both banks of the river, and part of the bridge truss and sliding guide beams are installed in advance on the side of the bank.
  • Using the loaders on the other side of the river for towing, each group is mounted one step forward. This method advances in cycles, slowly advancing the entire steel bridge until it reaches the opposite bank.
  • Use a hydraulic jack to slowly place the entire steel bridge on the bridge seat, adjust the angle with a measuring instrument, and place it in the design position.
  • Finally, the carling, deck, and steel plate of the Bailey bridge were laid.
Installation of Bailey Truss Bridge
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