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Portable army Bailey bridge has a long history in the military field, which can be traced back to World War II. In the war, the construction of the military Bailey bridge is related to the speed of the army’s overall movement, and can even determine the outcome of the war. In modern warfare, an emergency temporary bridge is no longer just used to support the weight of the marching infantry company and artillery, it must be able to carry heavier military equipment, such as huge trucks and tanks at the same time.
The temporary portable bridge for military is known for its simplicity and speed. It is suitable for various environments, can be assembled on-site, and can also cross rivers or valleys. Whether in wartime or military exercises, a bridge can be erected anytime and anywhere, and it is strong enough to transport the heaviest tank within a span of 60 meters. Common Bailey bridge types: Compact 100 Bailey Bridge.

Army bailey bridge

Why Bailey Bridge for Army Temporary Bridge—Easy to Repair and Easy to Transport

Imagine the unexpected situation in the war, if in the pursuit war, the bridge in front is burned by the enemy. Under ideal conditions, only forty people are needed to assemble a short single-layer temporary Bailey bridge in three to four hours. According to the increase in the load and the number of layers, the duration will increase accordingly, but the average construction time of the army Bailey bridge is generally 24 hours. In the practice of war, the military built a portable army Bailey bridge of 300 feet in length within 36 hours. The Bailey bridge body is easy to repair, saving precious marching time for the army in the war. When the bridge is damaged by shells or bullets, the damaged part of the Bailey bridge can be quickly removed and new parts inserted.
Whether in war or in military exercises, whether it is convenient to transport is also the first issue that needs to be considered for military portable bridges. The army Bailey bridge is composed of many individual prefabricated modular Bailey panels. The bridge body components can be loaded into small trucks. A convoy of several trucks can move everything needed for a complete bridge, and it can follow the military to reach any harsh conditions area.

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Technical Advantages of Army Bailey Bridge

  • AGICO has been engaged in the design and production of Bailey Bridge since the 1990s and has rich experience in the design and construction of Bailey Bridge. The company’s Bailey products have passed the inspection and acceptance of the Engineering Corps Research Institute and have the qualification to supply to the army.
  • Optional sidewalks of a certain width are available to facilitate the passage of infantrymen. To achieve the purpose of separate lanes for people and large-scale transportation and assembly.
  • By adding pier supports or floating floats, the military Bailey Bridge can span almost any distance.
  • By increasing the number of layers of the Bailey panel, the load of the military Bailey bridge can be increased without redesigning, thereby saving more time and cost.
  • The construction process of the army Bailey bridge is simple, only needs to push the pre-assembled bridge body from one side of the bank to the other side. The construction process is concealed, and the bridge can be erected smoothly even when the opposite bank is inaccessible.

Main Process of Military Bailey Bridge Project

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