Permanent Bailey Bridge

An important reason for Bailey bridge to become the optimal replacement of permanent bridge—shortening the construction period.

The Bailey bridge is often used as a permanent or semi-permanent bridge because of its durability and maintenance-free characteristics. The permanent Bailey bridge adopts a modular design and can be assembled without special tools or heavy equipment, which makes it more widely used. As a permanent building, the modular Bailey Bridge is widely used in roads, railways, construction, water conservancy, and other fields. Municipal infrastructure, civil bridges, and infrastructure in rural areas often use Bailey structural steel bridges. Because of the inconvenient access to large-scale machinery in remote mountainous areas and valley areas, convenient modular Bailey bridge systems are often used as alternatives to concrete and other permanent bridges.

Permanent Bailey Bridge

Why Permanent Bailey Bridge

It takes half a year or even several years for a traditional bridge construction project from the design sketch to the completion of the opening to traffic. Both the construction unit and the users of the bridge need to pay a considerable time price. For traditional bridge deck flattening treatment, you need to choose according to the actual situation, and it is easy to cause unevenness due to too narrow road surface.
The modular bridge has a short design time, a simple construction plan, and fast construction. The modular Bailey bridge design can be complete in a short time, and it also has a simple construction plan and fast construction. If the customer chooses the design concept of the Bailey bridge system for construction, the construction period can be shortened by at least half compared with the traditional bridge. While the construction efficiency is improved, an effective solution will be obtained on the problem of pavement widening. The shortening of the bridge construction period can guarantee the improvement of the economic efficiency of the enterprise, which has become the reason for more and more regions and cities to pay attention to and choose the Bailey bridge system.

Technical Advantages of Permanent Modular Bailey Bridge

  • The modular Bailey bridge system is made of high-strength steel, and the quality is safe and reliable. Its design life can be up to 100 years, it is durable and basically does not need maintenance.
  • Modular Bailey bridge has a wide range of applications and has gradually become a better alternative to permanent bridges in different fields and regions.
  • The permanent Bailey bridge has superior composite performance. It can be used in combination with different structures and materials, such as the combination of cable stays, suspension cables, arches, and other structural forms, the combination of steel and concrete, and the combination of landscape and function.
  • Bailey modules are highly integrated. The entire section and hole of the Bailey bridge can be manufactured in the factory or can be prefabricated before installation.
  • Bailey panel, the main structural parts of the Bailey bridge system are produced in uniform specifications, and the bridge decks, pins, and bolts are also in uniform sizes. It is more convenient for the factory to prepare goods and has a higher resource utilization rate.

Main Process of Permanent Bailey Bridge Project

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Demand Analysis


Project Design


Modular Bridges Installation


Bridge Inspection and Delivery

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