Temporary Bridge

Easy to Disassemble

The original intention of the Bailey bridge was designed to be used as a temporary bridge. Therefore, the Bailey bridge has become the best choice for the temporary bridge with its advantages of simplicity and convenience. As a steel truss bridge, the Bailey bridge adopts a prefabricated modular structure. The bridge body is assembled by Bailey panels of normalized size, which can be successfully built in a short time. The components of the temporary Bailey bridge are easy to store and can be transported flexibly. After completing its mission, the temporary Bailey bridge can be easily dismantled. The disassembled Bailey bridge components can be reused, which greatly reduces expenditures. Temporary Bailey bridge is widely used in emergency relief, civil facility construction, building construction, and other fields.

Temporary bridge

Why Choose Temporary Bailey Bridge? – Easy to Disassemble

We use the temporary bridge when the existing bridge needs to be replaced or temporarily damaged, or when cast-in-place beam support is needed during large-scale bridge construction and other circumstances. But when the original bridge repair is completed or the cast-in-place beam construction is completed, we still need to demolish the temporary bridge. Therefore, the convenience of temporary bridge disassembly directly affects the customer’s choice of bridge type.
As a portable prefabricated steel bridge, the Bailey bridge has a simple structure and can be disassembled only with ordinary tools. Compared with cement concrete bridges, Bailey steel frames are lighter in weight, safer in the disassembly process, no noise and dust pollution problems, and will not affect the surrounding environment and the normal life of residents. This enhancement of disassembly capacity ensures the improvement of service time and life and greatly reduces the operating cost of the portable bailey bridge.
With its advantages of simplicity, convenience, rapid construction, and convenient disassembly, the temporary Bailey bridge has been purchased by many customers.

Technical Advantages of Temporary Bailey Bridge

  • The temporary Bailey bridge has various functions and is suitable for many scenes.
  • Support any span and load customization to meet diverse needs.
  • The surface of the Bailey frame can be treated with a galvanized layer for corrosion protection, which is more robust and durable.
  • Easy to transport, convenient to transport to remote mountainous areas and other inconvenient areas.
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